Irina Babakhanov

NYC Maternity, Newborn & Baby Milestone Photographer

Hello there! I’m Irina Babakhanov, the owner of Brilianna Photography studio located in Queens, NYC. I’m delighted to welcome you to my corner of the world, where every moment is captured and cherished through the lens. In my earlier years, I immersed myself in the complexities of numbers and financial statements, equipped with a degree in accounting and finance. However, life has a way of steering us towards our true passions. For me, that passion unfolded in the form of photography.

My journey into the world of photography began in the most personal way imaginable – with the anticipation of my first child. As I embarked on the beautiful, transformative journey of motherhood, I found sheer joy in capturing the fleeting moments of pregnancy. The arrival of my little one intensified this newfound passion and it quickly turned into an unwavering obsession. Every giggle, every curious glance, and every tiny step became a precious memory I was determined to preserve.

I realized that life’s most significant moments are like delicate whispers, here one moment and gone the next. In the blink of an eye, the chubby cheeks of infancy transform into the confident smiles of childhood. This realization ignited a fire within me. I opened my studio and named it after my biggest inspirations, my three daughters (Brianna, Lia, and Eliana). Armed with my camera, I embarked on a mission to freeze these moments in time, not just for myself, but for others too.

Photography, for me, is more than just a craft; it’s a way of celebrating life in all its raw and authentic glory. It’s about finding beauty, capturing the essence of a moment, and preserving it for eternity. Whether it’s the radiant glow of an expectant mother or the innocence in a child’s eyes, I am dedicated to immortalizing these moments in photographs that tell stories – stories of love, joy, and the beautiful complexities of life.

I am truly grateful to be on this journey, and I am excited to share it with you. Whether you’re expecting, have recently given birth, or are celebrating your child’s first-year milestones, I’m here, ready to turn your cherished moments into timeless treasures. Thank you for being a part of my photographic odyssey. Let’s create beautiful memories together.

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